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LaLa's Leaves is a fine craft business owned by Tommy & Oliva Warrick who reside in Lake Anna, Virginia. The creation of LaLa’s Leaves begins in a natural setting, under a canopy of trees, perfect for casting, curing, and trimming the concrete leaves.

Each leaf is created from an actual live leaf cultivated from plants that are grown in the Warrick's gardens.

Workshop in the woods

Since the creation of LaLa's Leaves, customers have traveled to over 30 states and the countries of Costa Rica, Colombia, and Jamaica with their beautiful purchases.

Oliva is "LaLa" to her friends at Lake Anna. So came the name LaLa's Leaves.

The Warrick's go in the winter to Miami and Costa Rica where Oliva was born. While there they are always on the lookout for yet another unusual leaf to be cast immortally in concrete.

Tommy & Oliva Warrick
or 703-772-0597

LaLa's Leaves
Lake Anna